Portable Pet Booster Car Seat

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This Pet Car Booster Seat quickly fits car armrests (central panels) thanks to dual, highly durable elastic straps. Just wrap the straps around the armrest & clip the built-in leash to the pet's harness – done!

Cozy, Calm & Happy By Your Side

Unlike other pet seats, our Pet Car Booster Seat is designed to seat the little buddy right by their favorite human(-s) between the front seats. That, combined with the comfy fabric and enclosed sides, provides ultimate coziness that eliminates all anxiety.

Due to the built-in security leash, the little buddy doesn't jump around the car either.

Oh, and motion sickness? It's gone, thanks to the unobstructed views the elevated surface provides!



- Built-in Safety Leash

- Spacious Side Pockets

- Adjustable Front Pillow

- Handles For Easy Carrying

- Easily Assembled

- Zippered Design

- Ideal Size for Small Pets



Weight – Up to 13 lb (6 kg)

Length – Up to 15 in (38 cm)