Smart Auto Heads-Up Display with Wireless Charging

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Product Description:

1. Comes with wireless charging functionality; Only need to plug in the cable to charge while navigating, which is convenient for yourself. This is a must-have product for travel.

2. Angle Rotation: The screen can be rotated 180 degrees freely, which is convenient for you to choose a suitable viewing angle. Transparent display: The display uses high-definition vacuum-coated plexiglass, which will not hinder the line of sight during navigation and driving, and will not occupy too much space in the car. Designed with strong applicability, suitable for various large-screen mobile phones.

3. Easy to Install: The bottom is fixed with a silicone pad, which is stable and reliable and will not leave any spots on the car. Anti-skid and shockproof, there are two special rubber pads, which can effectively prevent the mobile phone from being bumped during driving.

4. Navigation Projection: The mobile phone navigation interface is perfectly projected onto the glass screen on the stand through the APP. The mobile stand is also a unique stand that can replace the traditional suction cup stand.

5. Filter Coating Technology: Using filter coating technology to eliminate unwanted reflections, whether it is day or night to make it clearly visible under strong light.



Support models: adapt to various models

Fixing method: non-slip mat/silicone mat

Color: Black

Shell material: ABC with high temperature resistance/PMM steel material